Let It Snow (2019)

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Genre: Comedy, RomanceResolution: 1920×816
Episode: 1Format: MP4
Broadcast: 8 November 2019Subtitle: English & Indonesian Softsub


Across town, Waffle Town employee, Dorrie, tries to juggle her best friend, Addie, who’s worried that her boyfriend is going to break up with her, and Kerry, a cheerleader she hooked up. Kerry visits the diner with her friends ans pretends not to know Dorrie; Addie makes a scene with her boyfriend in the diner. Dorrie tries to calm Addis down, but she storms off. Later, Dorrie and Kerry meet in the bathroom and kiss passionately. Dorrie tells Keon that Kerry will probably be at the party.

Let It Snow (2019) – Gdrivemovie.id


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