Proposal Daisakusen (2007) / Operation Love

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, RomanceResolution: 720 & 480
Episode: 11 + SpecialFormat: AVI & MP4
Broadcast: 16 April 2007Subtitle: English Softsub


Ken and Rei have been friends since childhood. Though he has been in love with her for years he was never able to tell her. On the day of her wedding to another man Ken sees a picture of their high school years and wishes he could go back and change the past. At that moment a spirit appears and grants him his wish. Will a second chance allow him to win her over?

Proposal Daisakusen Ep01 [720] –
Proposal Daisakusen Ep02 [720] –


Proposal Daisakusen / Operation Love
Episode 1 “Can I get married if we had gone to the Koshien!?”720 | 480English
Episode 2 “Can I get married through coffee milk!?”720 | 480English
Episode 3 “Can I get married if I switch seats?”720 | 480English
Episode 4 “Can I get married by the second button?”720 | 480English
Episode 5 “Are those who say they’ll do it tomorrow idiots?”720 | 480English
Episode 6 “From what do I graduate on my last day as a teen?”720 | 480English
Episode 7 “When will love and fireworks scatter?”720 | 480English
Episode 8 “Are the tears I shed on New Year’s Eve the real thing?”720 | 480English
Episode 9 “What can I bet at the last moment?”720 | 480English
Episode 10 “Last Hallelujah Chance”720 | 480English
Episode 11 “Will a tearful confession call a miracle?”720 | 480English
Episode Special “Should I visit the moment of the vow of eternal love?”720 | 480English


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